On Sale! ODM VIS300 MM Fiber Inspection & Cleaning Kit –

On Sale! ODM VIS300 MM Fiber Inspection & Cleaning Kit –

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ODM VIS300 Fiber Optic Test

ODM VIS-300 Video Fiber Connector Inspection System With
ODM DLS 350 MM Dual 850/1300nm LED Fiber Source

The VIS-300 Unique external focus mechanism eliminates need for focus wheel.

The VIS-300 includes a bright 3.5 inch LCD display and precision optics to provide an unmatched FOV (field of view) of 630µm by 440µm.

Includes Hard Carrying Case & Accessories As Listed

VIS300 VIS-300 DLS 350 DLS-350

ODM VIS300 VIS-300 Fiber Inspection Test & Cleaning Kit Models On Sale Warranty Calibration Backed by The Best Service and Lowest Prices in the Industry.

VIS 300 video fiber connector inspection system
The VIS 300 is an extremely easy to use video fiber connector inspection system. The VIS 300 advances field connector inspection by a unique focus system. This development virtually eliminates the need to place the users hand in the same position each time for effective focus control. To inspect the backplane connector the user simply inserts the probe into the connector adapter. To focus simply turn the entire probe ¼ to ½ turns for complete focus range. No longer is it necessary for the user to keep one hand on the focus wheel.

The VIS 300 includes a bright 3.5 inch LCD display and precision optics to provide an unmatched FOV (field of view) of 630µm by 440µm.

Extended use Lithium Ion batteries provide 8-10 hours of continuous use. When charging is necessary the included “smart AC charger” charges the battery in 3 hours and allows the unit to continue to operate.

– Unique external focus mechanism eliminates need for focus wheel
– ¾ micron scratch resolution
– Thin ergonomic probe design
– Quick change adapter tips for all connector styles
– 3.5 inch LCD Display
– FOV 630µm X 440µm
– Advanced LiIon Battery & smart technology AC charger system
– Rugged and compact size

FOV (Field of View): FOV 630µm X 440µm
Resolution:  ¾ micron
Light Source: Blue LED
Lighting Technique: Coaxial
Display screen size: 3.5 inch diagonal
Battery Life:  8 to 10 hours continuous
Battery charge time: Three hours
Size: Probe – 7”x 1”x .75” (180mm x 25mm x 19mm)
Monitor – 4.75” x 3.5” x 1.25 (120mm x 89mm x 32mm)
Weight – (monitor, probe & case): 1.2lb ( .54kg)
Operating Temp.:  0º to 50 º C
Storage Temp: – 40 º to 70 º C


ODM DLS 350 MultiMode Dual LED Source
The DLS 350 dual LED source allows stabilized power levels for accurate loss measurements on multi mode systems. Technicians can utilize each of the wavelengths included in this light source to reference and test with RP 4XX-series optical power meters and gather measurements to meet international standards.

The DLS 350 provides a 2 kHz tone output which is recognized by the RP 4XX-series power meters; the incoming 2 kHz signal is identified and an audible alert is provided by the power meter.

The dual LED source comes with a female SC adapter to allow connection to test jumpers and fiber under test. Easy removal of the adapter means that the light source ferrule can be cleaned to prevent contamination of test jumpers. Additional adapters to allow mating to other standard connectors are available.

– 850nm/1300nm Wavelengths
– Single output for both wavelengths
– 2kHz tone output
– NIST traceable
– Long-lasting battery

Wavelength: 850nm and 1300nm
Output Power: -20.0 dBm Typical
Output Stability: +/-0.05dB – one hour +/-0.03dB long term (15min warm up)
Spectral Width: 40nm/120nm
Optical Interface: Universal Connector Interface (SC, FC, ST, LC)
Tone Output: 2kHz
Power Options: Push Button ON, Auto Shutoff – Continuous Mode Available
Battery: CR2
Dimensions: 6.1x.94x.75 in. (15.5×2.38×1.90cm)
Weight: 3.0 oz (8.5g)
Operating Temperature: -10 to 50?C
Storage Temperature: -30 to 60?C

Condition: Refurbished
Warranty: 90 Day Exchange

ODM VIS 300M Video Fiber Connector Inspection Scope (BC# 23078)
ODM VIS 300B Video Inspection Probe (BC# 16253M)
1.25 Connector For Probe
LC Bulkhead Adapter For Probe
ODM DLS 350 MM Dual LED Fiber Source (BC# 16254M)
MM Source:
Chemtronics AC092 Sqr Pad w/ Fiber Wash Pen
IBC Brand Cleaner H125
SM SC-LC Fiber Cable
MM SC-LC Fiber Cable
(2) SC-SC Fiber Connectors
LC-LC Fiber Connector
LC-LC Duplex Fiber Connector
AC Adapter/Charger
Hard Copy User Manual
Case For Scope w/ Strap
Hard Carrying Case


ODM VIS300 Spec Sheet


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